Trailed Disc Harrow allows resource-saving seedbed preparation for sowing of cereals, industrial and forage crops.

This unit generally used under conditions of soil moisture content to 27% and the hardness of the soil layer to be treated up to 3.5 MPa, as well as in fields with a large number of crop residues.

Each disc harrow mounted on individual pole that allows you to work in the fields with a large number of crop residues and weeds, excluding crop residues on the winding axis of the disc and avoiding inter disc space and ensures high machine serviceability.

A wide range of these units from 2.2 m to 5.9 m. It can cover almost the whole range tractors represented in Ukraine. These units are combined the functions of a plow, harrows, cultivators and disc harrow.

Packer roller is used for leveling and compaction.
Disc harrow is very effective in the care of fields and pastures. Easy to maintain disc harrow, the price of which you will be pleased to become your indispensable assistant.

You can contact our managers to buy disc harrow today. Company "Stepanenko and Co" - a manufacturer of high-quality, domestic agricultural machinery. Our brand - "STEP" is becoming increasingly popular in the spaces of Ukraine. Produced in our disc harrows help in the conduct of modern farming. By purchasing our equipment you will greatly facilitate their work and effectively upgrade manufacturing processes.

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