Hinged disc stubble plough is an agricultural implement for traditional and basic and minimum tillage without first plowing (instead of plowing) for cereals, industrial and forage crops, as well as to rejuvenate grassed meadows and stubble breaking. There are disc stubble ploughs and share scufflers.

Disc stubble plough is a powerful machine necessary for preplant treatment of large area under fodder crops and industrial crops. Also used for stubble breaking and rejuvenation grassed meadows.

Disc stubble plough can significantly reduce the number of operations required to tillage the soil, due to the fact that its construction involves their combination. Leveling topsoil performing, its crumbling and grinding plant remains, including the dense thickets of weeds.

And we are pleased to introduce our own design with advanced construction: Disc stubble plough. Our engineers were able to achieve a number of advantages:

- The ability to work in all weather conditions and different levels of soil moisture;

- Fuel economy by reducing the draft resistance; - Self-cleaning disc;

- The protection of discs and bearing assemblies when running over obstacles;

- Uniform depth of tillage.

During production process of disc stubble plough DSP were used only high quality materials, as well as Italian and German components. So you can be sure that the unit will serve you for years to come.

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