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Deep-ripper LINE - designed to handle the compacted soil of different mechanical composition to a depth of 25-50 cm for breaking the seal without overturning to improve the water-air regime of root life-giving of the soil, which prevents the development of soil erosion, contributes to the accumulation of moisture and increase crop yields.

Deep-ripper is an indispensable machine in a situation where you want to process the compacted soil and cause damage fertile seam. Cultivation of land has long established itself as the procedure that is necessary for increasing the fertile soil properties and to facilitate the work with it. It improves the water-air regime of life-giving root of the soil that favorably affects the seed culture and prevent possible erosion. Accordingly in the loosened soil the moisture is accumulating in the quantity required for the normal growth of the crops, which has a positive affect on productivity.

Our experts have studied the issue extensively and developed two types of units: deep ripper BASE and deep-ripper of the soil LINE-series. The design of both units is aimed, on the one hand, to an effective loosening of the soil without overturning the upper layer and, on the other hand, in the reduction of energy works, which entails the fuel economy. Thus, when you are using the deep-ripper of our design the highest possible efficiency is achieved. The special deep-ripper design (all struts are fixed in one direction) can reduce draught power and provides stable movement of the machine. We made sure that our technology helps you achieve the best results in their work.

Original constructive solution using deep-ripper provides:

- the disappearance of a plow base and reducing soil compaction;

- the best absorption of fallout into the soil;

- improves soil structure, the gradual resumption of its natural marks and characteristics;

- improves passability of machines in the fields (increases its resistance to compaction tires);

- the struts of deep-ripper is cutting and hefting the soil layer without overturning that reduces power consumption and leads to significant fuel savings;

- fixing struts in one-way direction create compensation effect in processing, reduce draught power and increase driving stability of deep-ripper.

When Line-series Deep-rippers are completed with supporting rollers, it used for ripping carrots and beets by a tractor of a 1,4 class that allows in the further to remove the plant from the soil without damaging the root.


Technical specifications


1.2; 1.3; 1.4.

Working width, m

1.2; 1.3; 1.4.

Fuel consumption, l/ha


Productivity, ha/hour


Working depth, cm

25 - 50

Aggregated with tractors, hp


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Video review Deep-ripper LINE

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