Deep-ripper is designed only for deep loosening of the soil, and interacting with its horse-comb that is raked and align the raised soil layer that restricts water evaporation from the soil and accelerates the germination of seeds. Deep-ripper is applied in the fields of "plow base", after the harvest, when the soil is dry, and the loosened field does not need to perform the following operations. Deep-ripper can also be used for preparing the soil before planting fruit trees, blueberry bushes and plants with deep root system. Technical design parameters are meet the requirements with European norms and standards in the field of security services and ergonomics, and high-performance design provided by the use of the most modern computer methods of design and construction.

Deep-ripper - chisel plow is used for deep loosening waterproof layer of compacted soil for decompression plow base without overturning. Indispensable for treating swollen soil, fallow land and forage land. Compared to the plow, deep ripper - chisel plow is considered to be more advanced machine that allows you to achieve better water-air regime of the root layer of soil, to prevent the soil from erosion, to accumulate of moisture and increase crop yields.

Original constructive solution using deep-ripper provides:

- the disappearance of a plow base and reducing soil compaction;

- the best absorption of fallout into the soil;

- improves soil structure, the gradual resumption of its natural marks and characteristics;

- improves passability of machines in the fields (increases its resistance to compaction tires);

- the struts of deep-ripper is cutting and hefting the soil layer without overturning that reduces power consumption and leads to significant fuel savings.

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