Cultivator is an agricultural machine for tillage. Cultivators are divided into field and row. Field cultivators serve for continuous treatment before sowing and row - for sowing treatment. Cultivators implement loosening, weeds control, moisture saving and spudding actions. Unlike plow cultivator performs without overturning. In agriculture, one of the most common tillage operations is cultivation. Cultivation technique called treatment without recourse to the formation and removal of the lower layers on the wet surface, providing crumbling, loosening, partial mixing of soil, surface leveling field, weed trimming, if any, termination of fertilizers and herbicides. The main function of cultivators is treatment already plowed soil as it is overgrown with weeds, and soil crusting. Cultivation is advantageously carried out before planting or planting of any culture and use care tilled plants.

PF "Stepanenko and Co" produces field cultivators from 1.8 m to 8.5 m., as well as row cultivators up to 6 m.

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