• Light harrow “Shark”Designed for soil treatment to a depth of 4 to 18 cm by shuttling method
  • Disk aggregate STEP The unit with a working width from 3,67 m to 5,87 m - is designed for treatment of all types of soil to a depth of 5 - 18 cm by shuttle method
  • Rotary barb STEPEspecially effective is the use of a rotary barb in the regions where the lack of moisture
  • Deep-ripper BASEAn indispensable tool in a situation where you want to process the compacted soil without damage of fertile seam
  • Trailed cultivator STEP TCCultivator STEP performs several operations in a single pass, thus allowing savings of fuel and lubricants, as well as savings and amortization time of the tractor
  • Trailed disc stubble plough DSPDisc stubble plough can significantly reduce the number of operations required to tillage the soil

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